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hunger games!!!!

Lola and I went to see The Hunger Games yesterday! It was cheap Tuesday and we had a b1g1 coupon, so we only had to pay like $3 each, but I would have paid full price for it, it was that good! We got there about 20 minutes before it started, but the theater was already almost full, so we had to get a couple seats with in the front in the third row. Annoying seats, but it wasn’t so bad.

I’m trying to remember what trailers they showed...Spider Man, I really want to see it, if at least for Andrew, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter looks pretty cool, and they had the trailer for What to Expect When You’re Expecting, I don’t know why though, because it doesn’t fit with The Hunger Games at all. It does look funny though.

Anyway, the movie! Loved it a lot. Definitely one of the best book to movie adaptions I’ve ever seen.

- I looooved all of the things we didn’t get in the book because it was in first person. All of the control room stuff, all the extra Seneca Crane stuff, Caesar being the host and talking about stuff, Seneca and President Snow having chats in the garden. Loved that stuff so much.
- Seneca was great! I loved him and he could get it and I’m sad won’t be in the next one.
- PERFECT ACTORS! Seriously, I had so many doubts about Jennifer and Lenny and Woody, but they were all great!
- Cried during the reaping scene and even more when Rue died. :(
- Totally ship Haymitch and Effie. I partly blame Lola for this. They’re banter was one of the best parts of the whole movie. Also, I laughed at the mahogany line but I think I was one of the only ones! Thanks tumblr.
- The couple sitting beside us hadn’t read the books, so it was kind of funny to see the girl jump when the first mutt came out (ty tumblr for warning me).
- Told Lola that Jack Quaid (Marvel) was the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quad and that he has a weird face because it’s Meg’s pre-plastic surgery face and she laughed.
- One scene with just Katniss has a noticeable snail hanging out on a rock (especially noticeable from the third row) and she whispered out “a snail!” and I laughed.
- Laughed at the cuts to Gale whenever Katniss and Peeta kissed.
- Lola thought the cornucopia was an airplane.
- Also, whenever I was reading the books, I never really shipped Katniss with Gale or Peeta, but now I'm a total Katniss/Peeta shipper. Just don't ask me about my preferred ship name.

After the movie, when we were walking to the bus stop, we passed by the Shoppers Drug Mart, and for a second I was so terrified because I thought I saw someone in the window! But it just turned out to be a Justin Bieber life-size cut-out!! Scared me so much, I’m pretty sure an employee put it there before leaving for the day. Before going home we went to Mac’s to get slushies even though it was just over zero degrees out.

Also I finally got enough Swagbucks to order another batch of books and get free shipping! So excite! I got a combo book of the first two Sherlock Holmes books so I can finally get on those now.


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Mar. 29th, 2012 10:59 am (UTC)
"A snail... I ship it."

I'd like to point out that I more specifically thought it was a *crashed* airplane. Like that it was supposed to look like a scene where a plane had crashed and these were the survivors killing each other ala Lord of the Flies. Because they stage everything about the bloody arena and why would you make a statue of a basket black and shiny like coal? Makes no sense. Also we didn't see a zoomed out shot from the side (to see the shape) until later. So BLERG! I think my theory is totally justified.
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