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fan expo friday

Friday we lined up at the north building, because it’s a lot cooler on that side, and the Matt Smith Q&A was there first thing. We got pretty good seats to his Q&A, and it was really awesome. Matt is really great and funny, I’m so happy I got to see him in person. Around 1 Lola and I went to go find the Doctor Who cosplay photo shoot. It was a little hard to find but I love doing it.

Around 3:40 I went up to the photo op area to meet up with Bill, because we were doing our Matt Smith photo op at the same time. I wasn’t sure if it was too early or not, but I’m glad we went there then. By that time there was a just a small group of people waiting to line up, and we didn’t have to wait very long there, just a long time in the actual line. But we were very far up the line, so when the photo op time came, we didn’t have to wait very long. The whole photo op process is so short, but Matt’s great with it. I went up to him and he complimented my Eleventh Doctor costume, said something like “Wow, cool costume!” I don’t even think I actually looked at him properly, I was a little overwhelmed, lol. When we were done the picture, he told me to rock on, and I said bye, and that was it. Honestly, as fast as photo ops are, it was so worth it to me. Bill got his right after me, so we went to go pick up our pictures, and then Bill wanted to go meet the Wolf Cop guy, because he was in full makeup/costume and taking pictures with people, so we went over to the other side of the building for that. His picture with the Wolf Cop guy was really great. After that we just went downstairs to rest a bit and wait for Lola (and admire my picture with Matt Smith, haha).

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Fan Expo Thursday!

Thursday Lola and I lined up to get in to the convention centre around 10, we got closer to the front than last year, which was great because if you get in line too late then there’s no shade, and it’s always sunny when we go down for Fan Expo. Lola and I passed the time by playing cards with a few people around us, I always have a deck so it always happens sometime every year. Bill came around noon, he’d gone to Tim Hortons beforehand to pick up a muffin for me. We got let in a little early so we could pick up our swag stuff, then the first thing we did was go to the north building so we could get our photo op tickets. The only photo op I wanted to do this year was with Matt Smith, and when I got to the photo op desk, he was sold out on Saturday, but not on Friday, thankfully. The rest of Thursday I spent just checking out the dealers and exhibitors, and I bought some comics then in case they’d be sold out later. Lots of people also commented on my Alison Hendrix costume trhough the day, it was awesome. Around 4:30 Laurel and I were going to try to get these special lanyards from the Space booth, so we could get trading cards from them. It ended up being too crazy to get one, but while we were waiting, we got to talk to Ajay from Innerspace, it was really nice. He complimented Lola and I on our costumes. Lola was really upset that the Space booth was so crazy and she couldn’t get the lanyard so she decided to wait till the next time, but Bill and I decided to leave afterward.

When we got back to the hotel we went to the pool and watched the sunset, and it was really nice for it to be just us, we just stayed in the pool for a while and talked about different things. I swam around a bit but Bill didn’t because he’d recently got a new tattoo. For supper we just went to Tim Hortons and by the time we got back, Lola was back and she got to tell us about how she finally did get the lanyard she wanted, lol.

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toronto/fan expo trip - wednesday

Can’t believe it’s already been a week since we left for Toronto for Fan Expo! Last year I never ended up making any posts about it so this year I’m not putting it off.

So I took Wednesday to Friday off work, Shelley was acting like it was the hardest thing in the world for me to take the time off work, but it was just because two toher people were also taking those days off too. But there was no way I wasn’t going because I hardly ever take time off, and I really needed this.

I went with Lola again, and this year Bill came too. Lola met him at Fan Expo a couple years ago and he happened to be also from North Bay, so this year he came with us so we could share a hotel room, plus we took his car down instead of Lola’s. Bill drove the whole way and it was a good drive because he’s driven there a lot and he drives kind of fast. When we got to Vaughan we stopped at the Ikea for lunch. Bill had never had the meatballs from there before so we made him get them. I got carrot cake too, it was good. After Ikea we went to our hotel and it was so nice to check in and get in our room.

The week before we talked with Alyssa, who I went to college with, about meeting up with her while we were in Toronto, so we all went out for supper and to the aquarium that night. First we walked to the convention centre to pick up our wrist bands, then we walked to the train station to get Alyssa, though that took us a bit because we weren’t really sure what platform to go to. Once we found her we walked around a bit looking for somewhere to eat. We were going to have sushi, but we ended up just going to Boston Pizza because it was just across the street from the aquarium. The aquarium was super cool, I’m really happy we went. My favourite parts were definitely the jelly fish, sting rays, and the shark tunnel. I tried to take pictures, but it’s kind of hard to take good ones through the tank glass. After the aquarium we walked Alyssa back to the train station and went back to the hotel.

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At the hotel we decided to go to the pool. The pool at the hotel is so nice, it’s on a roof floor and the pool is heated so in the evening you can just stay in the pool and watch the sunset, it’s awesome. When we were done at the pool we realized that our room key didn’t work so we had to go down to the front desk in our bathing suits to get a new one.
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Last Wednesday was Armed Forces Day so there was a cool plane demo, it was awesome. The day before the pilot was practicing and we could see a little of it from our house, so Lola and I decided to go to the waterfront for the actual day. It was super windy and kind of cold so it sucked waiting for it to start, but once it started, it was super cool to see. The plane went pretty low over us and it was so fast that it was so loud, it was great. I brought my camera and it took some really nice pictures. I've been taking a lot more pictures lately that I have been, I'm really happy to be getting back into it. Last year I got into a bit of a lull and it was kind of sad. After work we went to Value Village and I got lots of books, a couple from the old books section, and an almost complete set of French Little House books.

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Saturday Lola and I went yard saleing, it was nice. I got Goblet of Fire in French and a couple Philip Pullman books I didn’t have. We had lunch at Wacky Wings and in the afternoon I had my first aid for work. It was kind of boring but it was also interesting to see how some things have changed since the last time I took first aid. Afterward I had to walk halfway home and take the bus the rest of the way because of Saturday buses and that sucked a lot.

Still working on the photobook for my parents, I’m about a third of the way done so far. It’s actually pretty fun to make, I like looking at all the old photos and thinking how to arrange them in the book.

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Yesterday I went out skating with my parents, it was nice. There's a park in town that has a skating oval, so there's never any hockey games going on, and it's nicer to skate on an oval than an outdoor rink. It was pretty warm too, compared to what it's been at least. After skating, we went to Ivan's to eat and I got some poutine and a milkshake because I'd just been craving it. We went to Value Village for their 50% off sale and I got a really cute set of sheets with flowers and birds on them, and a really cool book from 1910 called Peeps at Great Cities: Paris. It has lots of cool info about what it was like in Paris then, with some nice illustrations. There're lots of books in the series for different cities and countries, I'd love to read them all, and most of them are on ebay but it seems to usually be reprints. I'd rather have the old antique version if I was going to pay for them.

This week at work I'm doing a 10-6 shift instead of my usual split shift. Ideally for an 8 hour shift I'd want to start earlier so I could finish earlier, but I'm used to finishing at 6 so it's nice to start at 10 instead of 730 for a week while the kids are on March break. Plus it's a different kind of shift, Morgan's usually in the preschool room, but she's doing school age this week so I'm in preschool instead. I really like it, toddlers can be nice but I like preschool because the kids mostly all talk and I like hearing what they say, plus they're so independent compared to toddlers. Sometimes they can still be a pain but I just deal with it. Really it's just nice to spend more time with them than I usually do.

I'm almost done driving lessons, I only have three hours left, but I still don't really like to do it. Maybe once I finish the lessons and do the test it'll be better because I'll just be more relaxed, because I won't have to always think about how this thing or that thing would fail me on the test. The one thing that really motivates me to get my license and save for a car right now is that then it would be easier to move to another city somewhere.
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doctor who and books

I watched An Adventure in Space and Time on Saturday morning, I loved it. Biopics can be really corny sometimes, but this one was really good. Most of the casting was so spot on, it was amazing.

Day of the Doctor was good. [Spoiler (click to open)]Some parts were kind of boring but there were other parts that were really awesome so overall I really liked it. I loved seeing Ten and Eleven together and the Other Doctor was pretty good too. I would have liked more actual Rose, so she could interact more with Ten and Eleven but oh well. I guess the best part was the end, everyone working together, Ten’s face when he heard Bad Wolf, Tom Baker (which was so awesome, I knew he was in it in some way but I didn’t think it would be present, old Tom), Clara kissing Eleven on the cheek. Also I loved that Clara teaches at Coal Hill School, that was a nice touch. I saw it at home by myself, but I’m going to see it in theater with my parents tomorrow.

Later on when it got posted I watched Peter Davison’s thing The Five(ish) Doctors. It’s so funny! I loved seeing all the different people making an appearance. Back at Reversed Polarity, Peter said he was going to be back in the Tardis, but not for the 50th, so I guess that’s what he was talking about.

Right now I’m reading this book called Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson. I mainly got it because I loved her first book, and it’s turning out to be really good. It’s pretty sad too though because it’s about a teenager whose dad has cancer and the family goes to their lake house for their last summer together and it’s really about connecting with the people around you. Obviously it’s a kind of a sad book but it’s good.

I was reading The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater but it's so boring I had to read something else. The premise is interesting, but the main guy character is so boring and the girl character isn't that much better. I'm almost done though so I'll probably stick it out and finish it when I'm done with my current book.
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A couple weekends ago I went on a day trip to Sudbury with my mom, it was pretty nice. One of my cousins is having a baby so we went for her baby shower. My mom was really bugging me to drive there but I only made it the 30 minutes to Sturgeon Falls before I couldn't do anymore. Something I've learned is that besides highway driving, I'm pretty chill about driving, it's just the thought of the lessons and tests that make me anxious. Highway driving really sucks though. The drive to Sturgeon Falls is really straight and steady but whenever a car goes by me in the opposite direction i still kind of panicked a little because it felt like it was coming at me. It didn't really help that the day before, my mom got me to drive to Tilden Lake on the highway and it's pretty curvy with less visibility and right before the turn off there was a transport truck riding my ass that really freaked me out. Anyway, I didn't want to push it so I didn't drive any more.

The baby show was good, the food was good and I won a blender that I gave to my mom, and she gave me her cookies prize, and the food was really good. The only thing was that her partner's cousins were actually drinking and they got really loud and pretty annoying and it was really tiring to be around them. I ended up sleeping most of the ride home so obviously no driving then.

Ended up watching Glee tonight. :( I was wondering how they'd do it but they did a good job, I think. And seeing people cry makes me cry, so.

Really excited for the long weekend this weekend!
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So it was my mom’s birthday on Saturday, and a couple weeks ago I ordered her a photobook from shutterfly. I made it with pictures from our UK trip, because I know she’s been meaning to make an album from that trip ever since. I got a free photobook coupon from my mom who got it from my brother, so that’s what I used for my mom’s birthday book. I ordered it on the 30th and they predicted it would get here by Friday. Early last week I was talking to my mom on the phone and she said that she got a shutterfly package in the mail, and my first thought was that it was my book, but that I had accidentally put my parents’ address on the site and it had been sent there, so the next day my mom brought it over to my house. But when I opened it, I was soo confused, because the cover had a picture of my brother on it, and I had a moment of panic, where I thought that shutterfly had messed up, but then I saw the note that it was actually from my brother, and I realized that he’d made her a photobook too. My mom’s been complaining for years about how she never gets any good pictures from him, so I knew she’d love it. I was really hoping to get the book from me in time, so I could give her both books at the same time, but mine only came in today. She still doesn’t know that she’s getting one from me though, so there’s that. I wrapped up my brother’s book and gave it to her on Saturday. I gave her my card first, and she was really happy about that, then I gave her my brother’s book, and she was really confused for a second because I had written that it was from him on the front, and then she opened it and saw what it was. She was so happy about it, of course. The book I made is so nice, I’m really excited to give it to her. I actually put the wrong date on the front of it but it doesn’t really matter, I know she’ll love it anyway.

Also on the topic of photobooks, my parents are having their 30th anniversary next year, and I’m going to make them a photobook for it, with a page for each year they’ve been together. My mom has loads of photo albums from the past 35+ years and she’s planning on organizing her digital pictures this summer, so it won’t be hard to find enough pictures for it. Really glad I’m working on it this far in advance, so I’ll have lots of time and less chance for my parents to guess what I’m doing. Won’t be for another year+ but I’m so excited to give it to them.