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Fan Expo 2012

DSCF8263 copy

Fan Expo post, finally! It’s looooong.

Around 1 o’clock my dad picked Lola and I up to go to the train station. We got our tickets and waited for the train and there was the cutest golden retriever puppy! So cute! The whole train ride I pretty much just read my book, played crazy eights with Lola, and stared out the window. We got into Toronto about half an hour before we were supposed to, which was nice. We walked to the hostel and after we got our stuff in out room we went to the thai place for supper because I had been craving some pad thai.

Lola and I went to the Eaton’s Centre before going to line up so I could look for a hat for my costume. Turns out that the mall only opens at 10am on weekdays so we had to wait a bit for the stores to open up. We looked around at a few places for a cowboy hat and I ended up getting one at Claire’s. I almost didn’t get it because it was $20 but Lola convinced me to, and it rang in at $2 so it all worked out.

After the mall we went to the convention centre and the next three hours were full of lining up and waiting, moving to another spot and doing it again. So my feet were really tired by the end of the day. Once we got in, the first thing we did was get out photo op tickets, which was John Barrowman on Friday for me. After that we went to the Doctor Who Society of Canada booth.

DSCF8074 copy

They already had the two smaller daleks made (gold is dalek Auric and green is Dreadnaught), but over the past month they made the dalek emperor in the middle. So impressive!
DSCF8072 copy

They had the Doctor Who PS3 game to try, so I played it for a bit. I’m not very good at video games, but it was fun and if I had a PS3 I’d buy it so I could play the rest.
DSCF8075 copy

They also had lots of toys on display, it was super cool.

The Star Wars group’s booth had some R2s
DSCF8078 copy

After that we walked around the dealer’s room and I got a really cute Korra pin from someone in artists’ alley.

Pixelbarrel was selling these talking daleks, they were super cute. I don’t know why orange dalek is $5 more though.
DSCF8082 copy

They also had a Ten standee just for show
DSCF8084 copy

Darth Maul statue
DSCF8085 copy

The Frankenweenie exhibit was really cool, it had the sets and dolls from the movie, and some of them were kind of interactive, like you could turn the lights in the sets on and off.
DSCF8086 copy

DSCF8087 copy

DSCF8088 copy

DSCF8089 copy

DSCF8090 copy

DSCF8091 copy

DSCF8092 copy

I think Lola has pictures of me with my head in the window there
DSCF8093 copy

DSCF8096 copy

DSCF8097 copy

There were some really cool lego statues, and we also got a free darth maul lego person from them
DSCF8099 copy

DSCF8100 copy

DSCF8103 copy

DSCF8101 copy

Around 5 o’clock Lola and I left because we were really hungry and tired. We walked to a vegetarian place I heard about online. It was kind of far, but it was really good and worth it. We both had noodles and I had a really good smoothie that I had heard about. It’s a piece of pie and vegan ice cream and they just blend it up and it’s really good.

Look, it even had a little piece of pie on top!
DSCF8110 copy

After supper we walked back to the hostel and I did some last minute sewing for my Doctor Who costume.

Thursday cosplay:

Madel from Gravity Falls
DSCF8081 copy

Tenth Doctor. He was really good, his suit was so good
DSCF8083 copy

Sailor Moon. I really loved this because I see female versions of Doctors all the time (including myself), but I never see guy versions of female characters
DSCF8095 copy

Xena and Link
DSCF8104 copy

Scarf of Sexual Preferences from A Very Potter Sequel
DSCF8105 copy

Thursday night, and for the rest of the nights, one of our roommates, Eileen, was someone going to Fan Expo too, which was soo nice. The guy in our room had no idea what we were talking about, poor guy. But she was really nice.

Friday we got up early so we could get a good spot in line to get in. We got there around 8:30, which was a pretty good time. We were in line around another group of girls, and I don’t remember why we started talking to them, but I’m glad we did. We talked to them around books and fanfiction and our families and stuff. It was kind of funny because one of one of the girls is from Welland and all I know about that city is that my dad’s dad is from there and a lot of Barwells came from there. Anyway, we had a nice wait with them and I’ve since added a couple of them onto facebook.

When we got in, Lola and I first went to get her a free bag and then go to the the iron throne for pictures. They were free so how could we not?

They did it purposely off center so they chould show off the show title, of course
fanexpo iron throne

We walked around a bit to find the girls again and ended up doing this because they were dressed up as zombies. So I’m the Doctor getting attacked by some zombies and Daryl Dixon is saving me.

Lola and I went back to the Doctor Who booth because I wanted a picture with Dalek Auric while I was in my costume.
DSCF8115 copy

The Delorean was there, and I had wanted to get a picture in it, but it wasn’t meant to be! Maybe if they have it again next year
DSCF8119 copy

There was a steampunk group there too
DSCF8120 copy

Around 1 o’clock Lola and I went to the big hall because a couple was getting married there. It was really cute, stormtroopers came down the aisle instead of the wedding party, and they had lots of different movie music playing, like Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid when they kissed. Adorable.
DSCF8122 copy

DSCF8123 copy

DSCF8127 copy

DSCF8128 copy

DSCF8131 copy

Friday was my first day in my Doctor Who costume, so I had to do the Doctor Who photoshoot. The Doctor Who Society is so organized it’s amazing, they had photoshoots for each day and they put up the times in advanceand they had most of the shoots in a large area so everyone could take pictures and fit in, and they had an actual photographer to take pictures.

Here’s the group picture from Friday, I’m to the right of the gold dalek in the Stetson. I have this one as my facebook cover picture.

All the Elevens and Amys and Rivers

Classic doctors and Tardises
DSCF8137 copy

The cyberman was really cool
DSCF8144 copy

Tens and Rose
DSCF8154 copy

DSCF8155 copy

DSCF8160 copy

DSCF8162 copy

Tardis Girls
DSCF8165 copy

DSCF8166 copy

Levar Burton’s Q&A was pretty good, lots of people fawning over Reading Rainbow and TNG but he joked a lot so it was good.

DSCF8169 copy

DSCF8171 copy

DSCF8177 copy

After LeVar Burton’s panel, I went to where John Barrowman’s photo op was and Lola waited with me. The line was huge but it went by pretty quickly. I only got really nervous about it when we got into the room and I could hear him talk to the other people through the curtain they had put up. When I got to the front of the line, John saw my costume and he asked me if I wanted to do a Doctor Who pose, and of course I said yes because I didn’t really want to do a regular standing pose like mostly everyone else. So we did that pose that David Tennant always did with his hand sticking out. It was pretty fast but John is seriously one of the nicest actors you could ever meet. He’s funny and not at all tired about the meeting fans part of it. He just joked his whole day through. Afterward I was really shaky though, because I couldn’t believe it.

I actually picked up my photo Saturday morning because I would have been late for the Revolution screening if I’d stayed in the pick-up line. But there it is, I love it so much. I’m actually happy with pretty much all the pictures of me from the weekend, because I usually have a weird face in pictures of me.
fanexpo jb

So like I said, the Revolution screening was next, and Lola somehow got us both seats in the front. It’s a good show, I’ll definitely watch the next episode, but the whole first one if pretty much summarized in that trailer they made. By the time it was over, it waslike 8:30 so we just went back to the hostel.

When we got back to our room, we talked with Eileen about what we’d been up to, and she asked me if I’d heard about the free Doctor Who screening for Saturday night, to see the first episode early. I hadn’t really been to the Space booth so I hadn’t. Saturday night was also the Doctor Who Society after party, which I had decided to not go to because I wanted to go to bed early on Saturday, but if I had the chance of seeing episode one early, then screw going to bed early, right? All you had to do to get a ticket for the screening was be one of the 80 first people to be in line for the Innerspace panel. So I was thinking ‘okay, I can do that’. There was a Marvel panel before the Innerspace one that started at 1 o’clock so I’d originally planned on lining up at 12:30 (more on that later). Eileen also said that there was an iron throne there so I just had to get a picture on that too.

Friday Cosplays:

Caesar and Effie from The Hunger Games. The Caesar was a Snape on Saturday and Loki on Sunday, he was really nice.
DSCF8111 copy

Samara from The Ring. She had emptied out an old tube tv and put wheels on it so she could get it around places.

Idris and Raggedy Doctor. Eleven is actually friends with my friend Alyssa, so it was cool to see him there.
DSCF8116 copy

River Song
DSCF8117 copy

Captain Hammer and Dr Horrible
DSCF8118 copy

Weird Jesus
DSCF8121 copy

Saturday we left early again, and ended up a little further back in the line but it was actually perfect because we ended up under the tent and shade was soo nice. We talked to some guy in line about Doctor Who and his trip he took a little while back where he met some monks and a tiger so the time when by pretty quickly.

When we got in, Lola and I went out separate ways, because she went off to give Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery some donuts and I just wanted to sit for a bit until I went to line up for the Innerspace panel. By 11 o’clock I was pretty bored just sitting so I decided to go up to the floor where the panel was, and found that people had already been lining up since 10! No way was I going to put off lining up so I just sat down right where someone had started the line. I ended up talking for the whole three hours in line with a bunch of really nice people, a couple girls around my age, one a little younger than me, and an older couple who use Fan Expo as an opportunity to have a weekend away from their kids. We talked a lot about Doctor Who and some other stuff and it was just really nice to have some people to talk to.

Once the line got pretty big, one of the volunteers gave us all a post-it with a number on it, to make sure we got our ticket. Mine was 30. When it was almost 2 o’clock we went in the room, and we switched our post-it tickets for one of those raffle-type tickets.
DSCF8186 copy

The Innerspace panel was pretty good, the hosts are cool. They showed some best of videos form the show, and talked about their favourite things they’ve done. Near the end they did some giveaways, where we answered trivia and won prizes. One question was something like one ‘Merlin character was also on Buffy, what was his character name on Merlin?’, and they picked one girl but she said Anthony Stewart Head’s character name from Buffy so I got to answer it and I won two Merlin action figures and an Innerspace tshirt. After the panel they switched our tickets for another kind of ticket, because they wanted to make sure that all the people were were going were serious fans of Doctor Who.

DSCF8187 copy

DSCF8189 copy

DSCF8191 copy

DSCF8199 copy

We were able to switch our tickets again for the wristband we needed between 5 and 6 so went to the Doctor Who shoot that day and then I tried to kill some time in the dealer’s room.

Just Dance 4 had a demonstration of their game
DSCF8205 copy

Some guy was doing tattoos
DSCF8210 copy

I went to pick up my wrist band right at 5, so I lined up for that. I got a Space lanyard with a Season 7 Screening pass on it, though all we really needed was the wristband to get in.

After that Lola and I went to the special poutine place to get supper but on the walk back to the hostel we got lost so by the time we got there I was sweaty as hell and I had less than an hour to shower and change out of my costume and tell people online about me seeing the episode so I couldn’t really relax.

Around 7:40 I walked to the theatre where the screening was and met up with the group that I was with at the line up earlier. Everyone had to sign a contract to say that they wouldn’t spoil the episode online and even though I don’t actually want to spoil the big secret of the episode, it’s still hard not to!

I thought the ep was really good at the time but I think I was mostly caught up in the excitement of seeing it early. I don't think it's a terrrible episode, but I definitely liked the S6 premiere a lot more. After the epsidoe they showed previews for the rest of the episodes, and a video from Steven Moffat pleading with us to not spoil the big secret (bleh). They also showed the Q&A from the New York screening, because theirs was about half an hour before ours.

Saturday Cosplay:

The best Dany I saw the whole weekend
DSCF8179 copy

Ms. Frizzle!!
DSCF8181 copy

Power Rangers
DSCF8185 copy


Oblig CN Tower shot from while I was waiting in line
DSCF8211 copy

The first thing I did on Sunday was get in line for the John Barrowman Q&A. There were already quite a few people in line so luckily no one got angry when I but ahead to stand with my new friends in line. Because that hall wasn’t being used until John’s Q&A, they let us go in and sit down two hours early, so I got seats for Lola and me in the second row. Lola went out to pick up her photo op picture and she bought this card game called Munchkin that she’d seen online. We still had two hours until the Q&A, so we got one of my new friends, her brother, his girlfriend, the woman sitting in front of us, and some other stranger to play with us.

John’s intro!

DSCF8213 copy

DSCF8220 copy

DSCF8221 copy

DSCF8222 copy

He’s telling her a secret, I don’t remember what it was
DSCF8226 copy

DSCF8229 copy

DSCF8231 copy

DSCF8237 copy

DSCF8238 copy

DSCF8242 copy

DSCF8244 copy

After John’s Q&A Lola and I just wandered around for a bit. We went to the dealer’s room so she could look for a Daryl Dixon action figure, and I looked for some Ultimate Spider-Man volumes (I ended up getting three) and some cheap Doctor Who action figures ($5 Silurian!). I had wanted to go to a Doctor Who fan panel, but by like 2 o'clock I was beat, so we left early.

Sunday crowd as we were leaving
DSCF8259 copy

We went to Tim Hortons to get something to eat, and then we went back to the hostel to get our stuff. Eileen was leaving the hostel just as we were, so we walked to the bus station together. The bus home had wifi but no outlets so I could only get online for a bit. I had a great time but it was nice to sleep in my own bed.

Stuff I got!
DSCF8265 copy

Sunday Cosplay

DSCF8250 copy

DSCF8251 copy

DSCF8255 copy

DSCF8257 copy

DSCF8260 copy



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Sep. 2nd, 2012 06:10 am (UTC)
I LOVE your picture with John Barrowman! That's so awesome that you got to see him. You look really cute in your costume! I love seeing all the pictures of people's costumes. :)
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