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election stuff

So, about the election.

Super pissed that Harper got his majority. Right now I’m just tired, but I’m still pissed! I honestly don’t see why anyone would vote for him. Seeing the Conservative seats creep up there was not nice at all. I really hate Harper and I don’t want to think about the things he’ll do/won’t do in the next four years. At least I can whine about it all I want because I didn’t vote for him. I’m really glad that I’m not around my granddad right now. He’s really conservative and it annoys me so much and I know he’s really happy about this. My brother’s conservative too and loves them, but he hasn’t said anything about it on facebook yet, he’s probably at work.

Really happy for the NDP. Even though the Conservatives won, it is amazing that they got so many more seats than the Liberals and that they took so many seas from the Bloc (who I still don’t get why they are around, but anyway). Who knows what’ll happen with the next election with where they are now. It’s exciting. I'm also really happy that there's a Green seat now.

Really disappointed about my riding. The past two times it’s been the Liberal guy that won, and it looked like he was going to win this time, but then in the end, the Conservative guy came out and now it’s a difference of 0.03%/14 votes. I’m super bummed, honestly. At one point it was a difference of three votes, which would have meant a recount, but that won’t happen now. It’s just weird, because during the debates, it was obvious that the people there didn’t like him. My mom said that people almost booed and laughed at him at the debates. I guess it might just mean that the conservatives didn’t go to the debates. But apparently there are recounts if it’s a 0.1% difference or less, so I’m hoping something good comes out of this.


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May. 3rd, 2011 12:39 pm (UTC)
I am in total agreement. I really didn't want a majority conservative government. BUH. Say goodbye to woman rights! XDD

And yeah! The NDP did really well, which was a surprise. But mind you, Ignatieff just looked like a fucking asshole. Way too American, if you can excuse my stereotyping, xD.

AND SAME! My riding had an amazing liberal dude, who was really good, but this time a younger conservative chick won him out. ajshfasfakjhf

-sigh- I guess we can only hope for the best, lol.
May. 3rd, 2011 03:34 pm (UTC)
ugh, i know. i don't even get how people voted conservative after they proved that they think democracy is a joke!

guelph ended up liberal, which is good, but i didn't vote here. i voted in toronto (trinity-spadina) which ended up totally NDP, as expected.

i'm just sad about the country as a whole. i'm gonna watch funding for the arts get pissed down the drain on excessive jets. UGH.
May. 5th, 2011 09:13 am (UTC)
The liberals need to have a vision for the country that is more than "not conservative".
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