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Mar. 10th, 2014

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Yesterday I went out skating with my parents, it was nice. There's a park in town that has a skating oval, so there's never any hockey games going on, and it's nicer to skate on an oval than an outdoor rink. It was pretty warm too, compared to what it's been at least. After skating, we went to Ivan's to eat and I got some poutine and a milkshake because I'd just been craving it. We went to Value Village for their 50% off sale and I got a really cute set of sheets with flowers and birds on them, and a really cool book from 1910 called Peeps at Great Cities: Paris. It has lots of cool info about what it was like in Paris then, with some nice illustrations. There're lots of books in the series for different cities and countries, I'd love to read them all, and most of them are on ebay but it seems to usually be reprints. I'd rather have the old antique version if I was going to pay for them.

This week at work I'm doing a 10-6 shift instead of my usual split shift. Ideally for an 8 hour shift I'd want to start earlier so I could finish earlier, but I'm used to finishing at 6 so it's nice to start at 10 instead of 730 for a week while the kids are on March break. Plus it's a different kind of shift, Morgan's usually in the preschool room, but she's doing school age this week so I'm in preschool instead. I really like it, toddlers can be nice but I like preschool because the kids mostly all talk and I like hearing what they say, plus they're so independent compared to toddlers. Sometimes they can still be a pain but I just deal with it. Really it's just nice to spend more time with them than I usually do.

I'm almost done driving lessons, I only have three hours left, but I still don't really like to do it. Maybe once I finish the lessons and do the test it'll be better because I'll just be more relaxed, because I won't have to always think about how this thing or that thing would fail me on the test. The one thing that really motivates me to get my license and save for a car right now is that then it would be easier to move to another city somewhere.

icon roundup

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doctor who and books

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I watched An Adventure in Space and Time on Saturday morning, I loved it. Biopics can be really corny sometimes, but this one was really good. Most of the casting was so spot on, it was amazing.

Day of the Doctor was good.
Some parts were kind of boring but there were other parts that were really awesome so overall I really liked it. I loved seeing Ten and Eleven together and the Other Doctor was pretty good too. I would have liked more actual Rose, so she could interact more with Ten and Eleven but oh well. I guess the best part was the end, everyone working together, Ten’s face when he heard Bad Wolf, Tom Baker (which was so awesome, I knew he was in it in some way but I didn’t think it would be present, old Tom), Clara kissing Eleven on the cheek. Also I loved that Clara teaches at Coal Hill School, that was a nice touch. I saw it at home by myself, but I’m going to see it in theater with my parents tomorrow.

Later on when it got posted I watched Peter Davison’s thing The Five(ish) Doctors. It’s so funny! I loved seeing all the different people making an appearance. Back at Reversed Polarity, Peter said he was going to be back in the Tardis, but not for the 50th, so I guess that’s what he was talking about.

Right now I’m reading this book called Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson. I mainly got it because I loved her first book, and it’s turning out to be really good. It’s pretty sad too though because it’s about a teenager whose dad has cancer and the family goes to their lake house for their last summer together and it’s really about connecting with the people around you. Obviously it’s a kind of a sad book but it’s good.

I was reading The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater but it's so boring I had to read something else. The premise is interesting, but the main guy character is so boring and the girl character isn't that much better. I'm almost done though so I'll probably stick it out and finish it when I'm done with my current book.

Oct. 10th, 2013

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A couple weekends ago I went on a day trip to Sudbury with my mom, it was pretty nice. One of my cousins is having a baby so we went for her baby shower. My mom was really bugging me to drive there but I only made it the 30 minutes to Sturgeon Falls before I couldn't do anymore. Something I've learned is that besides highway driving, I'm pretty chill about driving, it's just the thought of the lessons and tests that make me anxious. Highway driving really sucks though. The drive to Sturgeon Falls is really straight and steady but whenever a car goes by me in the opposite direction i still kind of panicked a little because it felt like it was coming at me. It didn't really help that the day before, my mom got me to drive to Tilden Lake on the highway and it's pretty curvy with less visibility and right before the turn off there was a transport truck riding my ass that really freaked me out. Anyway, I didn't want to push it so I didn't drive any more.

The baby show was good, the food was good and I won a blender that I gave to my mom, and she gave me her cookies prize, and the food was really good. The only thing was that her partner's cousins were actually drinking and they got really loud and pretty annoying and it was really tiring to be around them. I ended up sleeping most of the ride home so obviously no driving then.

Ended up watching Glee tonight. :( I was wondering how they'd do it but they did a good job, I think. And seeing people cry makes me cry, so.

Really excited for the long weekend this weekend!

Jun. 18th, 2013

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So it was my mom’s birthday on Saturday, and a couple weeks ago I ordered her a photobook from shutterfly. I made it with pictures from our UK trip, because I know she’s been meaning to make an album from that trip ever since. I got a free photobook coupon from my mom who got it from my brother, so that’s what I used for my mom’s birthday book. I ordered it on the 30th and they predicted it would get here by Friday. Early last week I was talking to my mom on the phone and she said that she got a shutterfly package in the mail, and my first thought was that it was my book, but that I had accidentally put my parents’ address on the site and it had been sent there, so the next day my mom brought it over to my house. But when I opened it, I was soo confused, because the cover had a picture of my brother on it, and I had a moment of panic, where I thought that shutterfly had messed up, but then I saw the note that it was actually from my brother, and I realized that he’d made her a photobook too. My mom’s been complaining for years about how she never gets any good pictures from him, so I knew she’d love it. I was really hoping to get the book from me in time, so I could give her both books at the same time, but mine only came in today. She still doesn’t know that she’s getting one from me though, so there’s that. I wrapped up my brother’s book and gave it to her on Saturday. I gave her my card first, and she was really happy about that, then I gave her my brother’s book, and she was really confused for a second because I had written that it was from him on the front, and then she opened it and saw what it was. She was so happy about it, of course. The book I made is so nice, I’m really excited to give it to her. I actually put the wrong date on the front of it but it doesn’t really matter, I know she’ll love it anyway.

Also on the topic of photobooks, my parents are having their 30th anniversary next year, and I’m going to make them a photobook for it, with a page for each year they’ve been together. My mom has loads of photo albums from the past 35+ years and she’s planning on organizing her digital pictures this summer, so it won’t be hard to find enough pictures for it. Really glad I’m working on it this far in advance, so I’ll have lots of time and less chance for my parents to guess what I’m doing. Won’t be for another year+ but I’m so excited to give it to them.

tv and movie reviews

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I saw Star Trek last Thursday!
I was a little worried about what it was going to be like, because of everything I’d read about it, but I was still really excited about it, it was hard to not be. My dad and I got to the theater pretty early and we got good seats. In the beginning of the movie, aobut up until they went on the mission, I didn’t like it that much. I do like that stuff more now though, once I’d seen the rest of the movie I liked it a lot more. I just had to remember that Kirk was an irresponsible shit captain because he hadn’t even been doing it for year and he’s still really young, and after Pike died I was so pissed that I couldn’t think about much else. Still upset but not so much.

Anyway, once they got on the mission I was enjoying it more, that’s always the most interesting part. By the end, I was really in love, and if I hadn’t been in the theater I would have been really loud with my reactions. Speaking of the end, I really loved that. I wasn’t sure how I’d like a Wrath of Khan rehash, but it was great. I loved the hand part. I know it had been in one of the early trailers, but there were lots of people saying it could be Cumberbatch’s character because of the black shirt, so when I realized that it really was Kirk after all, I was soo excited. I loved how Kirk died this time, and it was Spock that did the hilarious Khan yell. And I love seeing Spock’s emotional side and anything to do with his friendship with Kirk. Looved seeing Spock Prime! Totally wasn’t expecting that, so I’m really happy that I didn’t know ahead of time. Definitely got emotional at the last bridge scene and Kirk’s voice over. I just love anything that references TOS and just thinking about the adventures they’re all going to have made me a little teary.

Still pissed at the Cumberbatch casting, but I’ll deal with it because I loved pretty much the rest of the movie. I just don’t get how Khan can be so pasty white when he’s been frozen since the 1990s and he should look like TOS Khan. The reboot cast looks so much like the TOS characters, so why was is ok for Khan to look so different? Ugh. But anyway.

Also there should have been more Chekov.

Because I saw Star Trek on Thursday, I had to miss watching the Elementary finale live so I taped it.
I ended up watching the first hour before work on Friday, but that meant that I saw the Irene is Moriarty twist just before I had to go! So I was thinking about it all day while I was at work. It’s really no surprise, but the whole finale was amazing. The acting from everyone was so good. Natalie is so good at being evil. I was so worried at the end! Sherlock was so crazy and I thought it was really happening right up until we found out otherwise. Jonny Lee Miller was so good at that and everything and Lucy Liu was awesome. Probable not very good chances that they’ll be nominated for an award, but they should be, and they should win. I love Elementary so much, I really want to get the season set when it comes out, and I don’t do that with a lot of shows.

And Doctor Who! Usually I watch it when it’s on tv, but I really didn’t want to wait for finale so I watched it right when it was live.
I really liked it, but I was so confused at first. I get it now more, but when I was watching it, I was just like “Where are they? What are they doing? Who are these people???” Anyway, I loved all the Clara stuff a lot. I like how the Impossible Girl stuff is resolved now and it’s not dragging on for forever. Plus the Doctor and Clara stuff was really cute.

Last night I saw Iron Man 3. I really liked it, a lot more than the second one.
It was really funny and I like how he wasn’t in the suit the whole movie. I’d see it again.

Mar. 31st, 2013

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I made some icons, mostly doctor who or Jenna but also some random stuff I found gifs for on tumblr

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No posts lately because I moved! We got our keys on the 14th and moved on Saturday, so the second half of February has been super crazy and busy. We had to get loads of boxes and pack and move stuff over to the house, and it took longer because Lola works more than I do. Plus we had to set up the heat and hydro and stuff with Bell, which was kind of hellish because Bell apparently doesn’t have a set of rules that everyone knows, so we heard different things from different people. Hopefully we’re past that now. Saturday Lola’s parents helped us move and of course it was nice to have help from someone we didn’t have to pay. Really though, the actual moving part is the worst thing ever. So much work and Saturday night I was so tired and my legs hurt a lot and now I have a bunch of bruises on my legs from resting furniture and boxes on them. Now we’ve just got a million things to unpack and put away

I read the new Giver sequel (Son) last week! I was waiting for the Bell guy to come and set up our phone and internet and I have the ebook on my computer so I thought I’d read it. I actually really liked it! The Giver is my favourite book ever so it’s kind of hard to top it, but I liked Son more than Messenger at least.
Part of me what almost expecting there to be a sad or ambiguous ending like in The Giver, but I was really happy with the ending it had. I also really liked finding out what happened with Jonas and Kira and Gabe. The only thing I wish we knew was what happened to the community after Jonas left. I never thought we’d find out everything but it would have been nice to know what happened there. But yeah, I liked it.

Fan Expo 2012

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Fan Expo post, finally! It’s looooong.

Around 1 o’clock my dad picked Lola and I up to go to the train station. We got our tickets and waited for the train and there was the cutest golden retriever puppy! So cute! The whole train ride I pretty much just read my book, played crazy eights with Lola, and stared out the window. We got into Toronto about half an hour before we were supposed to, which was nice. We walked to the hostel and after we got our stuff in out room we went to the thai place for supper because I had been craving some pad thai.

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hunger games!!!!

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Lola and I went to see The Hunger Games yesterday! It was cheap Tuesday and we had a b1g1 coupon, so we only had to pay like $3 each, but I would have paid full price for it, it was that good! We got there about 20 minutes before it started, but the theater was already almost full, so we had to get a couple seats with in the front in the third row. Annoying seats, but it wasn’t so bad.

I’m trying to remember what trailers they showed...Spider Man, I really want to see it, if at least for Andrew, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter looks pretty cool, and they had the trailer for What to Expect When You’re Expecting, I don’t know why though, because it doesn’t fit with The Hunger Games at all. It does look funny though.

Anyway, the movie! Loved it a lot. Definitely one of the best book to movie adaptions I’ve ever seen.

- I looooved all of the things we didn’t get in the book because it was in first person. All of the control room stuff, all the extra Seneca Crane stuff, Caesar being the host and talking about stuff, Seneca and President Snow having chats in the garden. Loved that stuff so much.
- Seneca was great! I loved him and he could get it and I’m sad won’t be in the next one.
- PERFECT ACTORS! Seriously, I had so many doubts about Jennifer and Lenny and Woody, but they were all great!
- Cried during the reaping scene and even more when Rue died. :(
- Totally ship Haymitch and Effie. I partly blame Lola for this. They’re banter was one of the best parts of the whole movie. Also, I laughed at the mahogany line but I think I was one of the only ones! Thanks tumblr.
- The couple sitting beside us hadn’t read the books, so it was kind of funny to see the girl jump when the first mutt came out (ty tumblr for warning me).
- Told Lola that Jack Quaid (Marvel) was the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quad and that he has a weird face because it’s Meg’s pre-plastic surgery face and she laughed.
- One scene with just Katniss has a noticeable snail hanging out on a rock (especially noticeable from the third row) and she whispered out “a snail!” and I laughed.
- Laughed at the cuts to Gale whenever Katniss and Peeta kissed.
- Lola thought the cornucopia was an airplane.
- Also, whenever I was reading the books, I never really shipped Katniss with Gale or Peeta, but now I'm a total Katniss/Peeta shipper. Just don't ask me about my preferred ship name.

After the movie, when we were walking to the bus stop, we passed by the Shoppers Drug Mart, and for a second I was so terrified because I thought I saw someone in the window! But it just turned out to be a Justin Bieber life-size cut-out!! Scared me so much, I’m pretty sure an employee put it there before leaving for the day. Before going home we went to Mac’s to get slushies even though it was just over zero degrees out.

Also I finally got enough Swagbucks to order another batch of books and get free shipping! So excite! I got a combo book of the first two Sherlock Holmes books so I can finally get on those now.

Mar. 26th, 2012

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Video of Duchesnay Falls, so you can get an idea of how much water there is!

Today Lola and I went to Value Village for a bit because they had their winter clearance sale and she’s decided to dress up as Daryl Dixon for Fan Expo, and I wanted to look for some stuff for my costume. She ended up finding some stuff for her costume and I’m really excited for it even if I don’t care about The Walking Dead. And I did find a shirt for my costume! So excited. I’ve been going for a The Impossible Astronaut look, and the pattern is pretty perfect for it. The only thing is the cuffs are kind of weird, but I can fix that easy. It’s great now though because I have enough that I can take pictures because I only need a blazer now.

Picture of it under the new cut thing

Sherlock :(

Paper cranes
So Sunday I watched Sherlock. I found an almost perfect stream thankfully, because I don’t know if I’d have been able to wait for a download to show up, with an episode like that one. The stream was kind of shitty in the last half hour (what a time for that!), but I rewatched it on iplayer today so I saw the parts I missed.
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Today I went out to Value Village and got a skirt and stocked up on milk and dishwasher stuff, nothing special.

Also I'm very past the point where I start hating winter!

Misfits stuff! :D

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btw, I'm doing my temp job this week at Dollarama, I have to wake up early and that sucks, but the work's okay, it's just packing up stuff and moving it to the new store. I'm just hoping I don't have to stay super late tomorrow, because of Halloween.


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Lola and I have had some junk in our apartment for a while, shower doors and metal railings and things like that, and yesterday evening we took that stuff out to the shed in the back. After we had gotten everything in there, we noticed that there were newspapers nailed to the wall as insulation. Lola climbed up to them and saw that they were from the 1950s, which got us moving. I went inside and got the hammer, and I got a light and some gloves too, and she took the newspapers down. There were two in that part, one from 1955 and one from 1956, and they’re from when the Toronto Star was still called The Toronto Daily Star. They’re just soo cool. :D Most of the papers in the shed closer to the door are gone, but there are still lots in the back and some of those are newspapers from my town. That’s what I really want to see, because papers from Toronto are cool, but it’s easier to compare my life to 50 years ago with stuff from my own town.

Lola texted LeeAnne, our landlord, to ask her if it was okay to take the rest of them down, and we even talked about cleaning up the shed a little in exchange for them. But they really are so cool! In the shed we just poured over the ones we took down and it’s so cool to see the old articles and job and apartment ads and clothing ads. I love that stuff so much. I took some pictures of the papers we have, and if we’re allowed to get the rest, I’m going to get lots more and put them on my flickr.

DSCF7165 copy

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And also, a few days ago I filled out the form online to work on election day here, and I got a call this morning! :D I've got training on the 29th and I'm working on the 6th as an information assistant. Cool stuff!


Writer's Block: Behind the wheel

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If you could have any vehicle (a helicopter, sports car, space ship, yacht, etc.) and a free place to park it, what would you choose, and why?

First question listed was submitted by viperzeroone. (Follow-up questions, if any, may have been added by LiveJournal.)

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election stuff

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So, about the election.

Super pissed that Harper got his majority. Right now I’m just tired, but I’m still pissed! I honestly don’t see why anyone would vote for him. Seeing the Conservative seats creep up there was not nice at all. I really hate Harper and I don’t want to think about the things he’ll do/won’t do in the next four years. At least I can whine about it all I want because I didn’t vote for him. I’m really glad that I’m not around my granddad right now. He’s really conservative and it annoys me so much and I know he’s really happy about this. My brother’s conservative too and loves them, but he hasn’t said anything about it on facebook yet, he’s probably at work.

Really happy for the NDP. Even though the Conservatives won, it is amazing that they got so many more seats than the Liberals and that they took so many seas from the Bloc (who I still don’t get why they are around, but anyway). Who knows what’ll happen with the next election with where they are now. It’s exciting. I'm also really happy that there's a Green seat now.

Really disappointed about my riding. The past two times it’s been the Liberal guy that won, and it looked like he was going to win this time, but then in the end, the Conservative guy came out and now it’s a difference of 0.03%/14 votes. I’m super bummed, honestly. At one point it was a difference of three votes, which would have meant a recount, but that won’t happen now. It’s just weird, because during the debates, it was obvious that the people there didn’t like him. My mom said that people almost booed and laughed at him at the debates. I guess it might just mean that the conservatives didn’t go to the debates. But apparently there are recounts if it’s a 0.1% difference or less, so I’m hoping something good comes out of this.

I finished watching Ashes to Ashes :(

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Last night I finished watching Ashes to Ashes. I don’t know what took me so long to start watching it, because I really liked Life on Mars, and it feels like I watched that ages ago. Anyway, I finally got around to watching Ashes to Ashes like two weeks ago after only having seen bits of series one on Showcase, and I loved it. I sped through it as fast as I could, and I probably would have finished it faster if Megavideo didn’t have its stupid limits on watching stuff. spoilersCollapse )


Glee and The King's Speech

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God, that episode of Glee. I loved it all. I loved the Klaine stuff, loved Lauren a lot, didn’t think Puck was boring, didn’t hate Rachel, liked all of the songs. Not often I like so much of an episode.

I saw The King’s Speech on Sunday. My mom’s been collecting the free movie tickets from cereal boxes, so I went out to see it with my parents. It was really, really good. I loved the music a lot, and Colin Firth was awesome, and it looked really nice (I guess that’s the cinematography part, but yeah, I kept thinking about it when I was watching). And it was just really interesting, and it was nice to learn some history. Go watch iiiiiit! I'm for sure going to be rooting for it when the Oscars come on. We went to Wendy’s afterward because we had some coupons.

Tron and Presents!

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So I saw Tron: Legacy today with my dad. I didn’t even want to see it until I saw Tron on tv a couple weeks ago and I ended up liking that one. I was wondering what it would be like, because the trailers make it look good, but there are a lot of mixed reviews for it (but I don’t really read site like rotten tomatoes anymore because of how I don’t agree with them a lot of the time). But I went anyway, and Tuesdays are half price so why not. Anyway, I ended up really liking it! The story’s not a masterpiece, but I don’t think it was that bad either, and the effects were amazing of course, and so was the soundtrack. OH and Cillian Murphy’s little cameo in the beginning was awesome, I don’t know if I’d have recognized him if I hadn’t already known it was him because his face was covered up by beard and glasses and hair. But in those few minutes, he was awesome, and he looked really great too. So yeah, I liked it. If it weren’t so expensive to see 3D movies, I might see it again.

Also, I got my ontd_startrek  secret santa gift in the mail today! :D My Santa was worried that it would get here late and it only took a week, so I’ve still got hope for my gift getting to its destination on time. But anyway, I was so excited to get it.

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